Logiudice was born 60 years ago as a family company, producing professional steam tube deck ovens, electric ovens, rotary ovens and professional spiral mixers for bakeries and pastry shops.


Logiudice was born 60 years ago as a family company, producing professional steam tube deck ovens, electric ovens, rotary ovens and professional spiral mixers for bakeries and pastry shops. Its production mainly aims at the international market, where it has always presented the Made in Italy as its distinctive feature, as well as its strength: the company’s production and commercial headquarters are exclusively located in Italy.

  • 60 years of experience
  • 50 employees
  • 93% of sales abroad

Present and future

The company promotes the continuous innovation of its products by skilfully combining industrial technology with a craftsman-like tradition. The company’s continuously expanding production processes and increasingly competitive products are the result of research conducted on the global market. Its innovative ideas are based on experience and an ability to adapt to the needs of modern customers. The internal aggregation of all the necessary resources allows the company to provide adequate solutions and components more efficiently, while at the same time reducing production times.

The company’s consolidated organization coordinates every phase of product development, and continuously monitors its growth in terms of research, design, production and logistics. Efficiency, affordability, dynamism, ease-of-use, reliability, and design are combined with experience in the ancient knowledge of cooking and mixing to render Logiudice products exclusive.

Since the time of its inception, Logiudice Forni has expanded its business on both a national and international scale, above all thanks to its competent internal sales department, which is capable of offering expert advice and support. In order to accommodate its customers abroad, relationships with local dealers highly specialized in technical support services have been consolidated over the years, and this allows for direct interventions to be carried out in a quick and thorough manner.


  • Flexibility
  • Efficiency
  • Internal production of each component
  • Reduced times
  • Made in Italy
  • Project-based solutions
  • Quality control of all components through certified suppliers


Our products

Our products