PREMIUM: the new shape of excellence

PREMIUM: the new shape of excellence

Harmony, creativity, and beauty. These are the values that have inspired the Premium series by Logiudice Forni. Products that constitute the essence of technological excellence and formal restraint.
A characteristic and distinctive touch that comes from the idea that, in the world of bakery ovens, the time has come to view work instruments not just as purely practical tools, but as a means for conveying beauty, efficiency, and elegance.

This is the Premium series. This is its spirit.

premium rotor

Where design creates a new and harmonious unit

An innovative design concept comes to the forefront in future-oriented solutions. A high-impact concept is now the powerful new benchmark for the industry. The modularity of the forms expresses all
of the elegance and dynamism of Premium. Continuous, infinitely replicable lines are an expression of the advanced technology they contain. Premium is a practical demonstration that targeted analyses and research into design can convey and amplify the value of a business.

A complete line concept for the very first time. A true rack and deck oven system, matching technological development with an aesthetic furnishing concept. Dynamic shapes, modular continuity, futuristic
concepts. Premium Rack Oven is both synthesis and quintessence, in which design gives new prestige to the image and quality of your bakery.

Powerful technology for a unique design
Premium owes its futuristic appeal to the advanced technology within each of its interacting elements, making it truly unique to the industry. This advanced technology is evident in its motorized door and hood, which open in a coordinated manner giving the oven aesthetic appeal when open or closed.
Premium also features a roomy baking chamber, automatic rack lifting and a robust rotation system. The powerful steamer is simple to access with parts that can be easily removed and replaced, and it
is located near the combustion chamber to guarantee prolonged and abundant steam production. The door is specially designed with higher levels of insulation for greater safety and energy efficiency.
Heat exchangers are all refractory 309 S stainless steel. The digital panel, with its 99 baking programs or touch screen 7", includes oven opening controls.

Il sistema di apertura della porta: semplicità di comando e massima comodità di utilizzo

Premium was designed to respond to door opening and closing needs in a highly advanced way: fully motorized and in sync with hood operation for greater loading and unloading comfort and safety.
Integrated buttons guarantee perfect closure and easy opening, eliminating all manual strength needs.

  • The hood, in a line integrated with the oven profile, lifts when the door is opened increasing the exhausting area when it is needed most.
  • The offset hinge was designed specifically for the Premium oven to give users new reliability and sealing levels.
  • The really thick door hides a resistant, well constructed structure.

Baking technology

  • The baking chamber is covered in thick stainless steel.
  • Inner lighting with several bulbs for ongoing control of baking and loading and unloading operations.
  • Ventilation shutters with an adjustable regulating system to guarantee ideal oven baking.

Rack technology

  • The automatic rack lifting system makes the rack easy and comfortable to hook up as it rotates in a reliable, continual manner.

PREMIUM is not just a rack oven but an incorporated solution that will allow you to integrate both rack and deck oven baking. All in that unmistakable PREMIUM design.

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