Rack oven

Complete, equipped and avant-garde are the characteristics that distinguish Stream Plus, the new oven from Logiudice company.

The quality of the materials used and the most modern production technologies make it a heavy duty oven and resistant over time. Stream Plus is the model that embodies the new trends and industrial automation, embracing the concept of "Industry 4.0" aimed at improving work planning, to the increase in productivity and quality of production plants.

MARCONI: certified control panel for industry 4.0

With a simple and intuitive graphic interface. By downloading the free app it is possible to remotely monitor machine activity, recipe progress and remote maintenance. (F7)

- Remote assistance to provide the customer fast, immediate technical support;

- Possibility of integration of the various equipment in the bakery;

- Access to a network server for programming and checking recipes; can be networked and viewed from a computer, tablet or smartphone;

- Daily and weekly programmable switch-on;

- 99 baking programs with 8 baking stages for each program;

- Possibility to manage: 8 air speeds, wisp vapour, vapour extractor, air inlet valve, vapour discharge valve and oven alarms;

- Recipe book with images and recipe backup on multilingual USB stick;

- Integration of the various kitchen equipment;

- Energy control with consumption check (electric version only)

The hot air flow inside the baking chamber is very important for the success of the final product, which must have a uniform colour and development throughout the trolley. For the 8080, 80100, 80120, 100130 models, adjustable flaps (F1) are fitted in addition to the slots to direct the flow for optimum balance of the baking over the entire trolley surface. (F2)

Baking chamber

Made of thick stainless steel. Stainless steel floor with slide for extracting the trolley.

Heating system on gas or diesel fired ovens

The heat exchanger, made up of three flue gas passes with channels ensuring a large heat exchange area, is designed to optimise output while significantly reducing consumption.

Heating system on electric ovens 

For environmentally sustainable baking. The oven can be made up of heating elements and run on electricity. Using clean energy makes installation and maintenance of the oven easier and more economical.

Steam generator

Placed in direct contact with the combustion chamber or electrical heating elements, the steam generator is made up of overlapping and detachable modules for easy maintenance.

The iron bars in each module promote good steam production, which spreads throughout the baking chamber.

The excess water drain can be positioned at the front or at the rear of the oven.

Trolley hooking system


BOOSTER steam generator with cast iron spheres

Consisting of 12 elements containing cast iron spheres, which allow greater steam accumulation, it ensures abundant steam production.

Automatic air inlet valve

At room temperature in the baking chamber. This mechanism facilitates and speeds up the extraction of the vapours inside the baking chamber, favouring the drying of the product, avoiding heat shock for the operator when the door is opened. (F4)


Automatic steam extraction valve opening (with program). (F6)

Stainless steel steam extractor (F5)



Made of 11 cm thick stainless steel, tempered glass. Robust and resistant, it is internally insulated with rock wool.

The anodised aluminium handle, with its original and innovative design, characterises the entire line of rotary ovens, conferring quality and originality.


NO-DROP extractor hood

Stainless steel hood, with two-speed motor, complete with removable grilles, easy to install and clean, to prevent condensation dripping. Thanks to a system of inclined channels, the condensate is conveyed into special drainage ducts for the collection of the vapour discharge water. (F8)


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