PREMIUM: the new shape of excellence
PREMIUM: the new shape of excellence

Harmony, creativity, and beauty. These are the values that have inspired the Premium series by Logiudice Forni. Products that constitute the quintessence of technological excellence and formal restraint. A characteristic and distinctive touch that comes from the idea that, in the world of bakery ovens, the time has come to view work instruments not just as purely practical tools, but as a means for conveying beauty, efficiency, and elegance.

This is the Premium series. This is its spirit.

Where design creates a new and harmonious unit

An innovative design concept comes to the fore in future-oriented solutions. A high-impact concept is now the powerful new benchmark standard for the sector. The modularity of the forms expresses all the elegance and dynamism of Premium. Continuous, infinitely replicable lines are an expression of the advanced technology they contain.
Premium is a practical demonstration that targeted analyses and research into design can convey and amplify the value of a business.

For the first time, a deck oven combines technological progress with designer aesthetics. Dynamic shapes, modular continuity, futuristic concepts. Premium is both synthesis and quintessence, in which design gives new prestige to the image and quality of a bakery.

Powerful technology for a unique design
The Premium deck oven can be fitted with different technologies in order to meet the individual work requirements of each baker. Technology with heat dissipation elements entirely in refractory materials.
This system makes it possible to obtain considerable thermal inertia. Technology with mixed heat dissipation materials in metal and refractory materials. This system makes it possible to reach working temperature more rapidly, with less energy consumption and less thermal inertia.
Technology for baking with metal heat-dissipation elements. This system makes it possible to reach higher working temperatures, with less energy consumption and
reduced thermal inertia. The all-electronic control panel offers rapid and effortless control of all oven functions.

Opening systems
Upon request, the oven can be delivered with steel or glass doors, to satisfy the various needs of bakeries in different markets.

Creating a system through evolving design
Adopting a totally new approach to baking ovens, PREMIUM is more than just a deck unit: it constitutes an authentic system that includes a rack oven and a proofing cabinet.
All with the unmistakable design of Premium.

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